Beyond Compliance, Adherence, & Concordance – Supporting The Patient’s Implementation Of Optimal Treatment

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No-Nonsense Approach

Introduction To The No-Nonsense Approach

This section includes the nascent practical applications of AlignMap strategies for enhancing patients’ implementation of and ongoing adherence to treatment.

For Preliminary Consideration

1. Fixes For Today: Tactics, Tools, & Tips
contains a small sampling of the currently available, effective set of tools for communicating treatment issues between patient and clinician and incrementally improving treatment adherence that can be constructed by carefully mining what is already known about patient compliance for the most useful elements and organizing these observations and principles into an unflinchingly practical, step-by-step methodology.

2. A Vision For Tomorrow: Patient-Clinician Alignment and
A Vision For Tomorrow: Systemic Alignment
are speculative expositions on a far more comprehensive response to noncompliance – with far more extensive gains – that is being developed at AlignMap. This approach replaces current theoretical models of patient compliance that feature the power struggle between the resistant patient and the insistent clinician with a pragmatic framework that focuses on aligning the individual seeking help, the healthcare professional, and the other stakeholders in this endeavor.

The Payout

Both immediate and long-term approaches are highly leveraged investments, earning, in return for the time and resources required:

  • Improved treatment outcomes & fewer treatment failures
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased patient satisfaction
  • Improved patient-clinician relationships
  • Decreased levels of tension and stress for clinicians and staff