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The Must-See Medication Reminder Video

April 22nd, 2010 at 5:56 pm · · Enhancements · No Comments

The Context-Aware Pill Bottle and Medication Monitor Video – Great Without Glitz

There is nothing technologically unique about the Context-Aware Pill Bottle and Medication Monitor (an accurate but not  euphonious and decidedly not catchy name) from the University of Calgary, and there is certainly nothing slick in the production values of the video  about that appliance. Yet, it  is indeed a must-see presentation.

The first portion of the video, which explains the intent, positive effects,  and workings of the mechanism, will appear familiar to anyone who has seen promotions for medication dispensers/reminders, but the portion that follows the “Critique” heading enters uncharted territory to those who don’t routinely attend research meetings. It is during this critique, you see, that the same individual who presented all the benefits of the device discusses possible flaws in its design. The informative critique is not only enlightening but also heartening.

Of course, this is a video version of a research paper. One shouldn’t expect an ad agency to suggest the same sort of balanced presentation to a client trying to sell a product.

Still, one can dream.

The Context-Aware Pill Bottle and Medication Monitor1, May. Video and two page paper, duration 3:58. Also as Report 2004-752-17, May.))

Abstract: The video illustrates and critiques a context-aware pill bottle/stand that reminds the elderly when it is time to take their medication. A medication monitor situated in a caregiver’s home displays awareness information about the elderly user’s medication compliance.

  1. Agarawala, A., Greenberg, S. and Ho, G. (2004). The Context-Aware Pill Bottle and Medication Monitor. In Video Proceedings / Proceedings Supplement of the UBICOMP 2004 Conference. ((September 7-10, Nottingham, England

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